Why We Made the 33 Foot Long Tether Cable

Remember the good old days of Firewire where 33 foot (10m) tether cables were everywhere and we could roam free with our cameras while our images where magically transported back to the capture computer? But then FireWire died a miserable death and all the camera manufacturers changed over to USB which was great except USB is only officially supported to 5 meters. Our days of roaming freely felt more like being on a very short rusty leash. Sure you could cobble together extensions and repeaters but the connections are so unreliable and the transfer speeds suffered more often than not.

IQwire USB-C to USB-C 33 foot long tether cable

Well, get ready to roam free again. IQwire is a USB-C tether cable available up to 33 feet long in single cable (no clunky extensions or repeaters) solutions. How do we do it? Our IQwire tether cables feature up to two inline Velocity Boosters and dual Intelliconnect connectors at each end. The Intelliconnect connectors make the initial handshake between the camera and computer nearly instaneous and negotiate a fast and reliable connection. The twin Velocity Boosters amplify the signal right as it comes out of the camera and once more down the line.

Here's a quick video that runs down the main features of IQwire. For more info, head on over to the main IQwire page.