Powrbloc Megawatt

ModelMegawatt: V-Mount

Utilize your existing power sources for your MacBook.

Your MacBook is power hungry. At home or in the office, it is easy to plug in and feed the MacBook the power it craves. On the road, it is not that easy—until now.

Powrbloc Megawatt uses readily available 14.8V V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries. Unlike most power adapters, Megawatt can supply the MacBook Pro the power that it needs. Megawatt skips the power waste found in most DC-AC battery inverters and converters and gives you true DC-DC efficient performance.

+ What size battery can I use with Powrbloc Megawatt?
Megawatt can handle any 14.8V battery capacity (Wh). Batteries used with Megawatt need to be able to provide 12A or more of continuous current draw. Using a battery of less than 12A of continuous current will risk the battery going into thermal protection mode.
+ How long will Powrbloc Megawatt power my MacBook Pro?
This really is determined by several factors. Most 16" MacBook Pro internal batteries have a capacity around 98Wh. Your workload will determine how long that internal battery will power your MacBook Pro. Let's say that, in one user’scase, a normal day of tethered shooting and maybe processing some jpegs, your internal battery normally lasts you two hours but you need to be able to get through a ten hour day. So, ten divided by two would mean you need the equivalent of five internal batteries. So you could buy or rent five 98Wh batteries or get larger capacity batteries like 265Wh and then probably two of those would get your through the day.
+ Can Powrbloc Megawatt power the latest MacBook Pro?
Megawatt can provide 100W of power that the latest 16" MacBook Pro requires under full load. Megawatt can also power the fastest late 2021 M1 Max MacBook Pro under full load but fast-charge is not supported. For more info on Powrbloc and the M1 Max, see our article here.
+ Can you suggest some batteries for Powrbloc Megawatt?
Here are some 14.8V batteries that have at least 12A of continuous current draw. These are all V-Mount but most manufacturers make the same model battery in Gold Mount also.
- 98Wh Core SWX Hypercore Neo 9 Mini  ///  B&H or Amazon 
- 98Wh IndiPRO Tools Micro-Series ///  B&H or Amazon 
- 265Wh Fxlion FX-HP265S ///  B&H  
- 293Wh Core SWX Hypercore XL ///  B&H 

Powrbloc Megawatt specs:
+ Lightweight and sturdy carbon fiber composite construction
+ (1) USB-C Power Delivery 100W at 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V or 20V
+ (1) USB-A Quick Charge 18W output at 5V, 9V or 12V
+ (1) USB-A 12W output at 5V
+ Input Voltage 12-16.8V DC
+ Ambient operating temperature 10 to 120˚F (-12 to 50˚C)
+ Magnetic quick mount
+ Takes V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries
+ Two 3/8" mounting holes for cheese plate or DigiPlate mounting
+ Dimensions: 8 x 3.5 x 1.1" (203 x 89 x 28mm)
+ Weight: 11.2oz (318g)
+ Includes USB-C power cable

Powrbloc Megawatt